A Healthy Stepmother Launches

A Healthy Stepmother was launched on Squidoo.com on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009. The tide of this stepmother’s thoughts and emotions about living in a stepfamily suddenly shifted away from the flood stage, where everything in Step-Ville felt overwhelming, to a calmer state which could be thought of as a slack tide.

Regardless of the source of this shift, it has been completely refreshing and unexpectedly fun to be contemplating the myriad of roles I play in our family from different angles. I’ve been consciously working toward not getting so wrapped up in any one perspective. Now, after all this contemplation, the ability to access laughter, relaxation, and problem-solving has grown into this strong desire to laugh at us all.

So, with that, it’s time to post the next fun I’m having with A Healthy Stepmother.

Join me, email me. Ponder your situation, figure out what helps you feel content and what helps you want to hold your life in a lighter way. There must be something.

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