Sayings for A Healthy Stepmother

A healthy stepmother worries about filling her own shoes.

A healthy stepmother gives no apology for her presence.

A healthy stepmother . . . like a duck, lets the waterfall of insults roll right off.

A healthy stepmother can wade through the knee-deep BS and come out unscathed on the other side.

PAS-drami & Wry . . . what stepmothers often eat for lunch.

Thank your stepmother, without her you’d be your father’s caregiver.

The Sacrificial Stepmother . . . every stepfamily has one.

What is tempered like steel, abused like Samsonite, and irresistible in black . . . your average stepmother.

When others thank God they are alive, a stepmother thanks God she hasn’t killed anyone.

6 thoughts on “Sayings for A Healthy Stepmother

  1. Stepmum and Sherry, I remember working for years in a trauma hospital and the job was amazing. We helped people, I mean really helped people. Mostly people wanted to be helped, but they were in the middle of a crisis and their injuries and surgeries and health issues were severe and disfiguring. In order to keep our sanity, we used humor. Without it, the task of helping got too overwhelming.

    That’s what the humor part of this blog feels like. It won’t be very comfortable for people who don’t want to view a stepmother as a person. But, any woman who has been a stepmother will recognize herself in these pages and implicitly understand that in order to stay married to the man she loves, she needs to find a way to keep a healthy perspective.

    Just lately, we’ve had a tough spot with a death in the family and a marriage, so my humor-meter is low, but I’ll go sleep on it and see what comes next.

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