A StepCouple Playlist

Sometimes, life is getting a little like the doldrums . . . hmmm, maybe the adult version of the dreaded boredom. Or, worse, your and your dearest are not feeling very connected and you need some inspiration and some fear-and-anxiety-busting shift of mood. Well, here it is, it’s for you, for him, for the two of you together. So, let’s spice things up a little and get you a playlist that will get some bounce in your step. This isn’t inclusive, there are dozens of songs that might appeal.

These are just a few I’ve heard in the last few days, not in order of preference OR soothing versus inspiring.

Bitter Heart, Zee Avi, Okay, so don’t take the lyrics too literally. But, this is a great retro piece and it’s all about a woman with a bitter heart. I think we stepmothers are in danger of getting bitter hearts and not letting them go. So, sometimes I like to sing this and it opens my heart just a little and let’s me move ON to the next thing.

Heartbreak Warfare, John Mayer, This is another great one for when things aren’t so “perfect.” It’s just awesome to have someone singing a SONG about what we’re all going through, whether it’s all the yummy stuff or the yukky stuff. “If you want  more love why don’t you say so?” Excellent question!

Say Hey, Michael Franti. Get ready to jump up and dance with this video. It is transcontinental and trans-generational. Love the spirit.

Hold You in My Arms, Ray LaMontagne, Read that someone recently got married to this song as they walked down the isle. It’s beautiful, just beautiful. Sink right in.

Has Anybody Seen My Mind, Michael Franti, this is such a great song for when you’re over-stressed and feeling a little out-of-body-ish.

A Lifetime, Ziggy Marley, “A Lifetime isn’t Enough to Love You.” Great one!!!!

Imagine, John Lennon, A classic . . . what more needs to be said. Let’s go for PEACE, which isn’t la-la-la, it’s more about not fighting, not escalating, not wanting, not needing. It’s all basic needs met and being satisfied with what one has. P.E.A.C.E.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. Wow, what an amazing song and a great video. Some of you will get the flashback like I did. Some of you will be impressed with the simplicity of the first music video era, sort of like the first episodes of Star Trek. Makes me wanna dance around the room.

Dream of Peace, LeRoy Bell. This guy used to be a song-writer and at mid-life has made the switch to bringing his own voice to the stage. Wow, is all I can say. We saw him in Portland at the Aladdin and he was tremendous. Good spirit, good wishes.

Simply the Best, Tina Turner. Do I need to make any comments on this one? Get your wine glasses out and blast this when your sweetie comes home from work.

7 thoughts on “A StepCouple Playlist

  1. Hi Jill,
    I never did get back to you on this . . . I’m so GLAD you like this playlist. I put it together on a whim, but I think I’m going to do more of them. I’d love to know a “theme” if you have any in mind.

    Maybe one to clean the house to . . . or, one to pull weeds to?

    All the best,

  2. How about one to ground oneself to, and another one to trust one’s own judgment to, and another one to be assertive without being aggressive to?

  3. Hi from the future (May 2013)…wish I had found this when you wrote it….but I’m taking it all in now. You wrote this in the winter 3 years ago….not a time I’m especially keen to remember (was in the first couple of years of re-connecting with Scott. I was idealistic and hopeful, and had a long way to fall….to get to where I am now – a completely different place than I aimed for, but it’s made me stronger in all facets of life, facets that needed shoring up. ‘K, going to dig into the play list…I’d love to create a new playlist for our current situations….will see what I can come up with! Talk soon xo

    • I’ll enjoy hearing what you come up with, Shelley. It was a fun one to do. I’ve halfway started another one, but have been sidetracked. And, it IS amazing what a difference 3 years can make. When you feel like you’ll burst at the seams and you don’t and you wonder how the hell you didn’t. That’s a recurring story I’m hearing over and over and over.
      Thanks for digging deeper into the blog.

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