A Healthy Stepmother . . . knows when enough is enough.

Lately, it’s been really quiet. I mean eerily quiet. Like I’m not used to this calm. Like the tension that was always part of the fabric of my stepfamily days melted away on a stream that gently gurgled and twisted and turned its way down the mountain. I don’t mean quiet in my house, I mean quiet inside my self.

I think my self is quiet because I let go of my end of the shoestring.

Have you seen this greeting card by Stine? It depicts two men arguing over who gets a shoestring. They each hold one end of it in their teeth and their arms are constrained by the shoes they stand in. The greeting card says, “Madmen in conflict for possession of the insignificant thing.” What is most fitting is that the shoes they stand in have shoestrings.

Enough is enough!

How ironic, these two humans arguing over something that they each have.

I owned this card long before I became a stepmother and I was so thrilled to have a contribution to the collection of funny cards my husband had started on the wall in the bathroom. When I moved in, I had no idea I was hanging up my mantra and my inspiration.

It is still there, taped alongside all kinds of other goofy and slapstick thoughts and feelings. That’s exactly where it belongs. On the shelf of irony and can-you-believe-it. This photo helped me let go of my end of the shoestring so many times and is still giving me that inspiration and validation, to this day.

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