A Healthy Stepmother . . . ReSETs.

After a few intense weeks building my updated webpage and editing and tweaking and adding and making the new page look just-so, there came a day when it seemed time to sit back and relax for a few days before I completed the last round of edits. But, first, there was the matter of a testimonial and creating a link to the website of the person giving me the testimonial.


So I pressed Publish Updated Pages.

And went to view the updated pages only to find the site was NOT THERE. The webpage redirected me to my Mobile Me account and there was no information about my site and none of the work that had been there just seconds before was visible.

No expert, I did know that the information was there but that something was lost in the link between what I had created and where it was viewable.

After an hour of fiddling, I restored the page and my website was viewable but I still could not complete that one last update. In fact, I kept getting a message asking me to sign up for a Mobile Me account. Clearly I already had one and it was not accessible the way I was trying to get to it.

I went to bed.

The next day I sat down to problem-solve again, remaining calm in the face of my looming frustration. That’s when I discovered the online chat support. I quickly submitted my question.

Melissa, a technician, responded to my query and clarified my question and then told me she thought she could help me.

Whew, please let it be so.

She asked me to log out of Mobile Me. Then she asked me to log out of iWeb where I’d built my website. Then, she asked me to log back in to Mobile Me and then sign in again to iWeb.  Finally, I was to publish my updates.

As if by magic, I logged on, was admitted and opened iWeb and hit the Publish Updated Pages button and within seconds my updates were there for the world to view.

It was as if a big happy face sat on my shoulder helping me breath a sigh of relief and I felt giddy from the simplicity of it all. I profusely thanked Melissa and filled out the survey about the online chat support.

. . . then, a very looooooooooong pause to reflect on what had just happened.

When the computer gets turned off or a program gets shut down, it gives the system time to go back into the inner workings of itself to restore itself to its previous functional state. In my case, I had changed my Mobile Me password and iWeb did not recognize it. It was only after I had closed them both and reintroduced them to one another with all the new passwords that the system worked. That restore and repair function is built into almost all the computers and programs and electronics now. When you have a hiccup, you turn the thing off and begin again and as if there were magic, the hiccup is gone. Sure, some major issues can arise, but 90% of the time your problems will be take care of by the ReBOOT, aka ReSET.

That’s what I need in my life as a stepmother. I need to hit the ReBOOT button now and then, maybe more now than then, and take advantage of the restoration of me to my previous functional self. The reboot would also help me to recognize or be reintroduced to the players in the family drama, me, my husband, and sometimes the kids, after we’ve had alterations in our contents or changes of passwords.

I know I’d benefit from a ReSET more often than I take one. And, with the holidays approaching, I’m giving myself some homework to watch more closely for those times I feel little glitches or irritations or impending mood swings. I want to catch them early and say ReSET. I’ll see you in five or 30 or in an hour or after I’ve folded clothes or done something that guides me back to me. I like that feeling of being able to roll with whatever comes along and I can’t do that when I don’t feel like me.


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